Renee Buchanan BA, Dip Ed, DHP (NC), MNRHP, LCA


















Renee spent 30 years as school teacher. For the last 9 years of this period she was a head teacher. During this latter period she also trained as a hypnotherapist.  Later she ran a busy therapy practice in Stirling, Scotland.  Her passion for HypnoBirthing™ truly began when, after teaching her daughter and son-in-law this amazing course, her first granddaughter, Lottie, was born. The birth was calm and beautiful. Given the circumstances, it could easily have been otherwise. Renee is now “HypnoBirthing gran” to five grandchildren. She is convinced of the importance of how we are carried in the womb and how we are born. Her belief is that this creates a blueprint for the rest of our lives.


Having worked as a HypnoBirthing UK Faculty Member for over ten years, Renee has taught people from many walks of life.  She has also been commissioned by the NHS to teach Mongan Method HypnoBirthing™ to midwives in UK. This was repeated for birth professionals (midwives and obstetricians) in Turkey and Iceland.  Her passion for lifelong learning has led her to continued studies.  Related fields of study have included empowering women and families to choose how and where to birth their babies.




  • Teacher/Headteacher

  • Hypnotherapist/ psychotherapist

  • HypnoBirthing UK Practitioner 

  • HypnoBirthing UK Faculty Member                                                                                                               

  • Fertility Therapist

  • Doula (trained with Dr Michel Odent)

  • Birth Crisis Counsellor (trained with Sheila Kitzinger)

  • Life Coach/Business Coach




Telephone: 01786 834364


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