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Sam has an MA (Hons) degree in Management and German.  After leaving Glasgow University, Sam attended officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  She then spent 3 years in the British Army commanding a troop of Tank Transporters in Kosovo and the UK.  Upon promotion to the rank of Captain, she served as a Regimental Training Officer.


After an epiphany, Sam left the Army to train to become a complementary therapist.  She trained in hypno-psychotherapy, acupuncture and many healing modalities. It was whilst she was living in Germany that she stumbled upon HypnoBirthing on the internet as a pregnant mum-to-be.  As there were no classes locally, she asked her mother (Renee Buchanan) to train and fly over to Germany to teach the method.  There was no looking back after the HypnoBirthing birth of her first child…Sam had caught the ‘birth bug’! Sam had two further amazing HypnoBirthing births of rather large 11lb babies,the last of which being a Lotus Birth.


Sam has taught HypnoBirthing to couples over many years, is a HypnoBirthing UK Faculty Member and also runs the HypnoBirthing UK Distribtion Centre. Sam is also the webmaster for the HypnoBirthing UK website.  She is also a trained doula, HypnoBirthing Fertility Practitioner, NCT Antenatal Teacher, yoga teacher, massage therapist and baby massage practitioner.  She is passionate about birth and believes that the way we are born moulds our perception of life.  Birth for a mother can also be the gateway to her birthing herself into a new way of being.


Sam’s training also includes:


  • Diploma in Performance Coaching

  • Birth Crisis training with Sheila Kitzinger

  • Paramana Doula training with Michel Odent

  • Diploma of Antenatal Education (Bedfordshire University)

  • BabyCalm training

  • Breathwork Practitioner training

  • Dru Yoga training

  • Birth Art Café training


Sam lives in Wiltshire, England with her 3 children and husband.




Telephone: 01672 564056


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